IOnian Streams...

...IOnian, as in I and O or 1 and 0, as in discrete and separate, as in on/off, input/output, black/white, as in certain and predictable.

...Streams, as in continuous and flowing, as in a trickle, a flood, or a lazy, deep current, as in mysterious and capricious.

...embraces the notion that fantastic and beautiful complexities can be created from just a few simple elements when those elements are abundant and free to associate in an unconstrained, even random, manner.

...acknowledges our endeavors to understand reality -- to isolate, identify, characterize, categorize, relate, and reassemble its constituents -- all the while recognizing the process will never end because the scale of the problem is infinite.

A beautiful melody, perhaps based in the ionian mode, flows seamlessly through its sequence of individual notes.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Yin Yang

Light behaves as rays (continuous streams of energy) or photons (discrete packets of energy), depending on how it is perceived.

Roll a wheeled suitcase across a tiled floor. At a slow walk, clicks are heard. Run fast enough, the clicks morph into a continuous tone.

Mobius strip

In a colony of ants, each individual ant does its job relatively autonomously. Yet, when viewed as a whole, the colony behaves in form and function as if it were a single organism.

Each single snowflake is unique. Why? The growth of a snowflake's ice crystals responds to the path the snowflake took through the storm, essentially recording its path in ice. Every snowflake is different because it is infinitely unlikely that any two snowflakes travel exactly the same path through the storm.


z = z^2 + c

You, Me, Us.


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